February 26, 2010

Not yet a butterfly, Alice

So, finally something new. Was very busy, but there'll be some new stuff in the next days.

This is another Chiustream Contest. Not my fault they wanted a caterpillar from Alice in wonderland, again. (well previously the choice was ours, this time it had to be the caterpillar.) 
But they gave us more time, nevertheless this is what I came up in a little more than two hours. I'm far from satisfied, but it turned out quite good for the time I invested. For me a real speed painting!

February 7, 2010

There's no money in Jazz

After way too long I finally got out to do some sketching. I went too see my friend's Jazzcombo the "Jan Jansohn Quartett" at House of Blues. Awesome playing of some original material and many classics of famous jazz players. Nice atmosphere to get lost in the sketch: