March 26, 2010

Beyond the mist, there it lied: The city on the water

Somehow contest are really cool to get me do stuff (and not get lost too much in details). I drew this city with pencil, scanned it and then did the rest in Photoshop. Had to start two times because I actually got lost in details the first time, when I painted it in color and I'd have never finished it in time. So I restarted with a black/white version and colored it afterwards. Much better. Here are the three steps for you to see:

March 20, 2010

Jo mei, eim bäck from Mjunik

Time for some new stuff. I just came back from Munich. Real nice city with a lot of culture and great sights. here are two of the sketches I did. Number one is the view from our hotel room, number two was done during a sightseeing bus drive with a very very bad audio guide speaker.

March 13, 2010

Creepy? Cute? I gonna eats ya!

A quick 20 minute drawing, done with pencil, watercolor and a black color pencil. Don't try to caress that little fella!

March 2, 2010

House of Blues – Jam Session

Yesterday I went again to the local blues bar "House of Blues" checking out what the weekly jam session was all about. It turned out quite nice. People can bring their instruments an play some Blues together. Good atmosphere for sketching, although they smoked a lot there. But I guess that just adds to the mood. 

Dancing with the Devil

This one was just for fun. Once again no real idea, just started drawing with a black ballpoint pen. The color is done with watercolor. Time was about 2 hours.

Sitting, Waiting.

As promised, something new. This was another contest (yeah those get me doing stuff :)) 2000 year old creature. Time 1 hour, although this version has been painted further for about 45 minutes. I had no real vision, it just came out of doodling around. later I wanted it to have some stony skin an grass on the back to show, that it sat there already for a long time, waiting for whatever. I like the bird.