February 9, 2011

WAIT! In the water...

Hey, yes I am still alive and have been drawing all the time, but was too busy too scan all that stuff unfortunately. Maybe I can be a little more up to the task in the future, we'll see.
For now, here's a painting that has been coming a long way. (I think I started the first version in June 2008! But no, it didn't get delayed because of me…) Anyway it is finally done, so I can show it to you. (Actually it is only the right half of the complete picture, the rest will come soon).
This is a CD cover for ProgRockRecords Boss Shawn Gordon’s Band Psychic for Radio. The CD will be called – as you can see – »Standing Wave«. Release date is sometime in the next 3 months, when nothing comes in between. Originally with Michael Sadler (Ex-Saga) on vocals there is also my good friend Henning Pauly playing on it as is Mark Zonders (Fates Warning).

»Psychic for Radio« cover art