April 25, 2010

High Moon

Showdown on a small Planet. Who can fire the deadly shot? Too. Much. Tension.

Veggies of Wrath

Inspired by John Steinbeck's Nobel Price winning book "Grape's of Wrath" and a comment of my art teacher gave me the idea for this pic. My fave is the mad potatoe. No further comment needed.

April 17, 2010

You gotta lick it...

Is it a tongue or ist it a worm? You decide.  Ink drawing with very basic photoshop coloring. Done in about 50 Minutes.

April 13, 2010

Snail Fail

Last drawing for today. I did this actually also during the sketchgroup meeting, but finished it up during my train ride back home. It's some kind of a snail man thingy. He might be a friend of the insane turtle man. I'm afraid to ask.

They nest

Productive day, today. Somehow I like drawing bird-like creatures. Why not making them gigantic in size? And if they were that huge, what would they build their nest with? Well in this case they use fir trees. Why do the knees have eyes? I have no clue. Done with a black ballpoint pen.


Three Weeks ago I started a sketchgroup. We meet once a week at a local café, talk and sketch people or what we want. It's a lot of fun to talk about our passion drawing while actually drawing. Here are two pieces I did the last time and today. (I corrected the date after scanning :))

April 10, 2010

This flower is mine ... MINE.

Another Challenge, but I missed the deadline by 10 seconds. Pity, but no reason for whining. This weird turtle guy took about 60 Minutes with coloring. (Actually it is a tortoise man, because turtles live in water :))

April 4, 2010

Fancy fencing

Always trying something new. This time, initiated by a course at the university, I played around with classical inking technique (with a crow quill). No prepatory drawing, just directly on the paper. Scanning, some coloring in Photoshop, et voilá. I was going for a desaturated look, go give it an older feel.