December 29, 2011

Riding the sky whale

Belated merry christmas – that stuff goes by way to fast. Anyway here’s an illustration I made for my girl-friend as a present. It now hangs nicely framed on our wall. The pic is 50 cm by 40 cm in size and drawn with ink and watercolor.
I did not have a concept except that I wanted to do something with New York because we both love the city. Originally there should have been a giant hedgehog (which my girl-friend loves) but I did not want to make it look like a monster destroying the city so I went for a whale.

No, the small guy on the back is not a prisoner.

December 21, 2011

How far would you go?

So, after it is official I can finally post it here. We (my band ALL WILL KNOW) also have a digital single being released prior to our forthcoming album »contact.« It is a nice ballade which is quite different from the rest of the music. So it had to have a cover of course. Time frame: One day. So that’s what I made of it.

I had a sentence from the band Threshold in mind while creating this:
»Energy falls from my hands«
Don’t ask me why.

November 18, 2011


So, here is the cover artwork for the debut album »contact.« by my band ALL WILL KNOW.
This is not a painting in the traditional digital way (now there is an oxymoron) but a mixture of photos and painting and whatnot.

Where is the album title? :) (you will find out)

October 27, 2011

Have you seen this Dragon?

The Rodlum Bellypuff is actually a pretty harmless specimen of the dragon kind, probably because it is only about one and a half foot tall (the tallest that is!). The Bellypuff is known to be a very nice familiar for wizards and those in desperate need of a mobile lighter. Have you seen one?
The drawing of a fully grown male Rodlum Bellypuff

October 9, 2011

Ebony and Ivory …

I got two very nice brown pieces of cardboard and since I haven’t drawn with colored pencils for some time I just had to do something with it. That’s what came out.

September 29, 2011

Childhood Heroes

Here we go, another piece I did some months ago. I was playing around with Illustrator and wanted to draw something – that is what I came up with. I loved watching those guys and their television series – mostly on Saturday morning, or on Sundays. Spider-Man is missing but who cares. :)

Now I guess it is 3:1 for DC

A stray in Eskişehir

I know, I won’t justify my absence, but so much happened the past months that I just did not find the time to upload stuff on here. But I am still drawing and painting. So here comes some stuff I created for a book, which will not be in it so I publish it on here so someone gets to see it. :)
I might post the work which will be in the book after it has been published.

So here are 6 illustrations that show places in the Turkish city Eskişehir. There is a small lack cat hidden in every one of them, enjoy finding them.

April 4, 2011

Under pressure!

I recently started getting into working with a drypoint at the university. Here’s the first result. I can tell you that this is a mess with the oil color but the results can be rewarding. I only gave it a slight color in Photoshop—the original print is plain black.

March 9, 2011

»Holy drawing, Batman.«

I’m far from being a comic illustrator, but I do love me some Batman (which man doesn’t?) So, after reading different comics (The long Halloween, Hush…), here’s my first serious attempt at the Dark Knight. Total mixture of watercolor and Photoshop.

The caped crusader

February 9, 2011

WAIT! In the water...

Hey, yes I am still alive and have been drawing all the time, but was too busy too scan all that stuff unfortunately. Maybe I can be a little more up to the task in the future, we'll see.
For now, here's a painting that has been coming a long way. (I think I started the first version in June 2008! But no, it didn't get delayed because of me…) Anyway it is finally done, so I can show it to you. (Actually it is only the right half of the complete picture, the rest will come soon).
This is a CD cover for ProgRockRecords Boss Shawn Gordon’s Band Psychic for Radio. The CD will be called – as you can see – »Standing Wave«. Release date is sometime in the next 3 months, when nothing comes in between. Originally with Michael Sadler (Ex-Saga) on vocals there is also my good friend Henning Pauly playing on it as is Mark Zonders (Fates Warning).

»Psychic for Radio« cover art